South Carolina Fall Trip

Welcome to Pirate Land in Surfside Beach SC

Our Camper
The Land Yacht by day.
Our Camper at night
The Land Yacht at night.

We we made another return visit to the the poodles favorite store besides the grocery store.

Pet store in Muriels Inlet
A good place to shop for discerning poodles!

There is abundant wildlife at Hunting Beach State Park

Alligators like the marshes as well as golf course ponds.
This is the first time I saw a spoonbill.
A giant egret who like to pose.
Shore birds
Birds who hunt for food in the mud.
Strange birds
Birds who looked strange. Maybe this is a Halloween Bird.

Casey and Maddie got to relax between walks

Madison owns all the dog beds
Casey took advantage of the furniture

The last day at the beach a cold front came through.

Sunrise at Surfside
A brisk morning and a great sunrise.